Who am I

My name is Alim Karmali. I'm a freelance photographer and product/service designer since 2012. In this time I've been working between the U.K and East Africa. I have a BA(hons) in Product Design

Cycling, strong coffee and good music have kept me going. 

My work

I have experience working with independent brands and organisations based in the U.K and East Africa, providing both corporate and creative photography, video production and design services

My photography and film experience has been on projects and assignments focusing on the emerging fashion scene in East Africa; shooting events, look-books and in house photography for Kampala Fashion Week since 2014. 

My photography and film work has been used both on social platforms (facebook, instagram etc.) and traditional media. 

As a designer, I've worked with agencies and startups; As a product designer creating concepts and taking them through to production (for both batch and mass produced goods), and as a service designer doing market research and creating new and interesting services using the "internet of things"

Since the start of my career I have worked closely with the agency Plus Two Five in Kampala, shooting for them and creating interesting spaces and installations at events and festivals, such as Kampala Fashion Week and the Nyege Nyege International Music Festival



I can fulfil  creative and corporate assignments, from headshots and product photography, to look-books, creative campaigns, events, and social media content. 


Concept design and development for both products and services, along with creative installations for events, such as photo-booths and sets. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more. 

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