Who am I

My name is Alim Karmali. I'm a freelance photographer / DP and product  designer. Photography is my passion, my profession, and still my biggest challenge to date. 

I began my journey as a creative photographer within the emerging fashion scene of Kampala in 2014, and have since refined my skills as a documentarian and visual storyteller in both films and stills.

In my personal time, portrait and street photography have become my creative outlets. These varying styles have come to shape the way I work and the pictures I take. 

Cycling, strong coffee and good music have kept me going between shoots. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more. 


My creative work has been focused on the fashion scene across East Africa, working with designers in the region shooting look-books, catalogues and editorials, alongside working with institutions such as Kampala Fashion Week as their in-house photographer since 2014. I also work closely with artists within the alternative music scene in Uganda, directing shoots and videos for artists such as Slikback, Mr. Mankwa and Blaq Bandana.

I’ve also worked closely with NGO’s and other organizations to provide photo / video coverage for events, tours and field visits. This work has allowed me to travel, and I’m always happy to see somewhere new. You can view some samples here

Native Collective

Native was founded by myself and 3 other freelancers based around East Africa. Our aim was to create a production house, built by and for freelancers. This has allowed us to pitch for larger contracts together, and assemble our team of content creators who best suit the job each time.  

Since its creation in 2018, Native has produced content for a variety of clients across East Africa. I have worked as the Director of Photography and Producer on campaigns with Jumia Food and Jumia Party which were aired across Africa.


MasterCard Foundation Young African Artists Submission 2017 - Winner

AOP Open submission 2017 - shortlisted

Lucie Foundation Scholarship 2018 - shortlisted

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